Titus Classification

Message Classification

TITUS Message Classification is an easy-to-use email security solution that ensures every email is classified and protectively marked before it is sent.

Classification for Microsoft Office

TITUS Classification for Microsoft Office allows enterprises to enforce their classification policies and prevent inadvertent disclosure within Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

File Server Classification

TITUS solutions leverage the Windows Server 2008 File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) to help enterprises identify the business value of data, raise security awareness, and protect information assets.

Classification for Desktop

TITUS Classification for desktop allows you to classify any file type – PDF, JPG, CAD, video etc with a simple right click interface.

Secure Corporate Email on Mobile Devices

TITUS Mobile App

Email is the biggest mobile security risk. Is your corporate information protected on mobile devices?

The adoption of mobile devices within organizations introduces new business risk, as these new devices are not inherently secure and are easily lost. Organizations require a solution which can provide a proven email environment for sending email and viewing attachments securely on mobile devices.

TITUS Mobile is a lightweight secure email application that can isolate business email and prevent users from putting critical business information at risk.

TITUS Mobile allows your organization to:

Secure email in a lightweight container

  • Email and attachments are never stored on the device
  • View attachments securely
  • Connect to business data using proven secure standards

Separate business from personal data

  • Ensure business email does not mix with personal data
  • Email, calendar, and contacts functionality that users need
  • With an iPhone look and feel that users want

Control information flowing to and from mobile devices

  • Ensure that only recipients in approved email domains can receive information from mobile devices
  • Prevent users from viewing email with attachments on their mobile devices

Secure Your Sensitive Information in SharePoint

As Microsoft SharePoint® becomes a critical platform for document and records management, administrators and content owners are faced with the challenge of protecting sensitive content and preventing data breaches. This can be a difficult task, especially when managing security policies manually within SharePoint.

The TITUS Security Suite for SharePoint enhances SharePoint security and ensures that security policies are applied consistently and automatically across all your sensitive content in SharePoint. These solutions ensure the right people access the right information, and promote end user awareness and accountability for sensitive information.

With the TITUS Security Suite for SharePoint, organizations can:

  • Implement consistent and strong Data Governance
  • Enforce dynamic, fine-grained security
  • Automate security using identity and metadata
  • Comply with regulations such as ITAR, ISO 27001, PII and many others
TITUS Metadata Security for SharePoint

TITUS Metadata Security protects information in SharePoint by ensuring that the right people are accessing the right information. TITUS enhances SharePoint security by automatically applying permissions to sensitive documents and lists based on their metadata. With Metadata Security Claims Edition, organizations can use metadata and/or trusted user claims to enforce dynamic, fine-grained access control.

TITUS Document Policy Manager for SharePoint

TITUS Document Policy Manager protects information in SharePoint by raising awareness and promoting end user accountability. TITUS automatically marks Microsoft Office and PDF documents in SharePoint with visual labels and converts documents to Adobe PDF.

TITUS SharePoint Security Software Development Kit

The TITUS SharePoint Security Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy to apply TITUS security policies to large SharePoint farms and integrate with existing line-of-business applications. The SDK is available on request to TITUS Security Suite for SharePoint Enterprise Edition customers and partners.


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